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Float Plan
by Trish Doller

This was a sweet, heart warming book. It does deal with suicide, but only in passing. I enjoyed this book because there were good, decent people in it. It also made sailing sound intriguing.

Reckless Girls
by Rachel Hawkins

I enjoyed the first 90% of this book, and while the end was a surprise and I didn't see it coming, I didn't enjoy the ending. Read it and find out for yourself!

Every Last Fear
by Alex Finlay

I gave this 4.5 stars. First time reading this author and I was enthralled the whole time. I will definitely look for more books by this author!

Pack Up The Moon
by Kristin HIggins

Great book, more serious material, but still a good read.

Calculated In Death
by J. D. Robb

Cannot go wrong reading this book. Robb’s characters always come through even in death. Onto the next book!!!

Take Me With You
by Andrea Gibson

I haven’t read many poetry books since I was in school but Take Me With You was worth the read. Nothing was confusing or hard for me to understand. The poetry represents the modern love story with

Last Kiss
by Luanne Rice

This was a story you don't want to put down until you've finished it. Totally surprising ending.

What We Find
by Robyn Carr Sullivan's Crossing Series

A very enjoyable story with down to earth characters.

The Shunnng
by Beverly Lewis

This is the first in a trilogy. In this story, a young woman named Katie, who lives in an Amish community, learns of a secret that her parents have kept from her for twenty two years.. How that secret impacts her life and the lives of others is at the heart of this story. While the ending was somewhat predictable, reading about this community was a nice change of pace, in my opinion. In fact, I immediately started the second title in the trilogy.

The Librarian Of Auschwitz
by Antonio Iturbe

A compelling story of the determination and bravery of a young girl in the heart of the concentration camp Auschwitz. If you want to cry, laugh, and have flashes of anger, this book is for you. A wonderful book through and through.
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